Saturday, October 21 2017

Tri Studio

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Hija Mía Cafe & Coffee Roasters in Manila

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Entreviñetas: The Comic and Illustration Fair You Didn’t Know About

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Medellin Bike Shops: Scialla

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Colombia Immersion Spanish School

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Colombian Artists: Carolina Puerta ‘Oh Carola’ – Illustrator

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Colombian Artists: Andres Molina, Tattoo Artist

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Pizza Master 2017

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Rituales Compañía de Café, Laureles

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Casa Redonda Coworking

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Global Express Coworking

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What's new in Medellín

Meet your Barista – Cristian Raigosa Cristian Raigosa is one of the most passionate baristas we’ve met. His eyes light up when he talks to you about beans, washes, and methods. His cafe, Rituales, is always bustling with people coming in to check it out and frequently with fellow baristas from all over Colombia! He …

Private Salsa Teacher – Merly Castro I’m a lively person, committed and dynamic. I love dancing and teaching, especially seeing the progress my students have and how they start to become a part of the dancing scene. I think that through dance we express ourselves, we communicate, and we learn the culture of a country …

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Cafes in Medellín

Ocre Panadería, Laureles

Encuadrarte – Creative Taller in Laureles

Macanas Café, Poblado

Naturalia Café, Laureles

Are you looking to improve your Spanish?

Spanish Tutors in Medellín

Private Spanish Tutor – Alejandra Cuarán

Private Spanish Tutor – Carla Díaz

Private Spanish Tutor – Jader Rengifo David

Private Spanish Tutor – Nathalie Gomez

Private Spanish Tutor – Daniel Zapata

Private Spanish Tutor – Walter Parra

Are you looking for a place to work?

Co-Working Spaces in Medellín

Göra Maker Space