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Aafke is a yoga instructor with a ton of experience, a great personality, and super affordable prices! Check her out at her yoga studio in the Laureles area.

Kelly Paez is a Venezuelan yoga teacher who can teach in Spanish and English. She studied a mix of Vinyasa and Anusara yoga called Krama yoga. She loves adding special things to class like aromatherapy, mantras, and more.

Private Salsa Teacher – Lina Maria Zapata Rivillas I like sharing my knowledge with people of different cultures through dance, looking to facilitate a social encounter allowed by music to have better emotional and physical development. I dance because since I was a child, I’ve always like to express with my body what I often …

Private Salsa Teacher – Esteban Aristizabal I’m a lover of dance, music and art. It’s a part of my journey, as was, coincidentally, engineering! I’m a joyful, loyal person, I love making friends. I’m responsible, respectful and I really enjoy everything that I do in life. Methodology: I’ve worked on my methodology for 15 years, …

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Cafes in Medellín

Hija Mía Cafe & Coffee Roasters in Manila

Cafe Cliche Laureles

Rituales Compañía de Café, Laureles

Café Aroma de Barrio

Are you looking to improve your Spanish?

Spanish Tutors in Medellín

Private Spanish Tutor – Alejandro Diaz

Private Spanish Tutor – Nathalie Gomez

Private Spanish Tutor – Kelly Vásquez

Private Spanish Tutor – Carla Díaz

Private Spanish Tutor – Alejandra Cuarán

Private Spanish Tutor – Daniel Zapata

Private Spanish Tutor – Luisa Fernanda Duque Giraldo

Private Spanish Tutor – Isabel Estrada

Or maybe you prefer a Spanish School?

Spanish Schools in Medellín

Colombia Immersion Spanish School

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Fitness Professionals in Medellín

Personal Trainer – Vytautas Staniulionis

Personal Yoga Teacher – Kelly Paez

Personal Yoga Teacher – Aafke

Are you looking for a place to work?

Co-Working Spaces in Medellín

Göra Maker Space

Casa Redonda Coworking

Global Express Coworking

Need a Check-Up?

Trusted Medical Services in Medellín

Dentist – Sandra Suarez

Chiropractor – Erin Murphy

Doctor – Luz Naranjo

House Call Medical Services with Tulio & His Nurses

Do you want to learn to move like a Colombian?

Dance Teachers in Medellín

See why other foreigners are moving to Medellín

Interesting Expat Projects in Medellín

7 Blogs About Living in Medellin

The Frye Show: On Podcasting in Medellín to a Paisa Audience

Looking to indulge?

Burgers in Medellín

Jack & Roll

La Victoria Wine & Food

Barrio Burger

Sin Sombrero

Want some ink?

Tattoo Studios


Ximena tells us about her tattoo experience at Fluink Tattoo Studio, a tattoo studio in Laureles owned by Nathalie and Andres.

Looking for the best Coffee?

Baristas in Medellín

Yennifer Bravo

Yenifer Bravo is a perfectionist. She’s a co-owner of Rituales, Compañía de cafe and has immersed herself in the world of coffee both here and in Belgium.

Looking to hire local talent?

Artists in Medellín


Felisa is a local singer-songwriter mixing hip-hop, R&B, Bolero, Cumbia and many other sounds in her enchanting Indie-pop.

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