Medellin Bike Shops: Scialla

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Global Express Coworking

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Feria de las Flores: Medellín’s Flower Festival 2017

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free coffee for the catalyst community

Celebrate One Year of Catalyst with us by going to a participating coffee shop near you for our gift to you: a free coffee for the Catalyst community.

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Felisa is a local singer-songwriter mixing hip-hop, R&B, Bolero, Cumbia and many other sounds in her enchanting Indie-pop.

Sandra Suárez

Sandra Suarez is a local dentist in Medellín that comes highly regarded in the expat community. Dental Care, her dental office is located in Laureles.


Ximena tells us about her tattoo experience at Fluink Tattoo Studio, a tattoo studio in Laureles owned by Nathalie and Andres.

ohana smoothie lovers

Ohana Smoothie lovers is a healthy, fresh result of an entrepreneurial endeavour by founder Melissa; a refreshing stop on your Laureles wifi & chill tour.

Yennifer Bravo

Yenifer Bravo is a perfectionist. She’s a co-owner of Rituales, Compañía de cafe and has immersed herself in the world of coffee both here and in Belgium.

halloween parties in medellin

Top Halloween Parties in Medellin 2017 Still don’t know where you’re going or what you’ll dress up as? We have the solution for one of those problems! We know about Halloween parties in Medellin! Dress up as a Botero painting or something, we have no expertise in that area. However, we do have a varied …


Although our weekly newsletter provides you with plenty of ideas about what to do every week, from time to time, we’ll get word about low-key artsy events that even we didn’t know about. This is the case with Entreviñetas, a festival that is full of youth, creativity, art and a bohemian vibe. Now, normally we’ll …

Cristian Raigosa

Meet your Barista – Cristian Raigosa Cristian Raigosa is one of the most passionate baristas we’ve met. His eyes light up when he talks to you about beans, washes, and methods. His cafe, Rituales, is always bustling with people coming in to check it out and frequently with fellow baristas from all over Colombia! He …

Scialla Custom Bikes Medellín - bike hire & custom made bikes Medellín

 Scialla Custom Bicycles, Laureles Did you know that if you’re walking from point A to point B in Medellín you’re wasting 70% more time? Kidding, we don’t really know how much, but isn’t it way too sunny to walk anyways? We all need a handy dandy bike. And guess what? We know a bike shop …