Medellin Bike Shops: Scialla

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Global Express Coworking

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Feria de las Flores: Medellín’s Flower Festival 2017

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Although our weekly newsletter provides you with plenty of ideas about what to do every week, from time to time, we’ll get word about low-key artsy events that even we didn’t know about. This is the case with Entreviñetas, a festival that is full of youth, creativity, art and a bohemian vibe. Now, normally we’ll …

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Cristian Raigosa

Meet your Barista – Cristian Raigosa Cristian Raigosa is one of the most passionate baristas we’ve met. His eyes light up when he talks to you about beans, washes, and methods. His cafe, Rituales, is always bustling with people coming in to check it out and frequently with fellow baristas from all over Colombia! He …

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 Scialla Custom Bicycles, Laureles Did you know that if you’re walking from point A to point B in Medellín you’re wasting 70% more time? Kidding, we don’t really know how much, but isn’t it way too sunny to walk anyways? We all need a handy dandy bike. And guess what? We know a bike shop …

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Andres Molina - Tattoo Artist in Medellín

About Andres Molina Andres Molina or ‘Andres Flu’ is a 38-year-old Tattoo artist living in Medellín. He is the owner of Fluink, a tattoo parlor, a clean, open-spaced studio with various tattoo artists and chairs, located in the quiet streets of Laureles. I first met Andres by chance when interviewing his partner Nathalie Gomez, a …

medellin book festival

Medellín Book Festival 2017 Let me start out by saying that my translation of this event is a lie. I’m wrong. It’s not really the Medellin Book Festival at all. Now, I’m not doing it with a bad intention at all. I’m doing my best here, guys. However, this annual event in Medellin (at which …

Rituales Cafe, Laureles - Catalyst Weekly

Rituales Compañía de Café, Laureles Rituales is my newest obsession. I bike there every day, lock my bike up, and say hello to any or all of the three owners: Joan, Cristian, and Yenifer. I first went because my favorite barista, Santi, recommended it to me. In fact, this is a regular barista hang out spot. I’ve …

Alejandro Montoya - Illustrator in Medellín

Art begins in your backyard. Sure, we all know about Fernando Botero, Debora Arango, Pedro Nel Goómez and other important 20th Century artists in Colombia. Maybe some of us don’t, and we can totally talk about that in the future, but there are artists walking among us and that’s what we want to share. Alejandro Montoya is …

La Casa Redonda Coworking, Laureles - Catalyst Weekly

Casa Redonda Coworking, Laureles Casa Redonda makes a point from the moment you reach its bright yellow door. “Welcome!” it says. Even standing at the second park of Laureles, where the house is located, the coworking space makes a statement. It couldn’t be better located, smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood near everything. It’s purple, …

maite hontelé

Maite Hontelé Maite Hontelé is the lead trumpeter of her self-titled salsa band. She’s Dutch with a Paisa accent, she’s white with the rhythm of a Latin American raised woman, but what really matters is that she’s here, and she’s awesome. We sat down recently to speak with Maite who is now living part time …

Santago betancur

Meet your barista – Santiago Betancur Santiago, or how everyone that knows him calls him “Santi,” is the sweetest, most selfless person I know. While I know that doesn’t speak for his barista skills, I like to think that this is the source of his motivation for being an amazing coffee lover and conossieur. He …