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Blogging in Medellín

Blogging in Medellín – bloggers meeting up in Medellín

Blogging in Medellín was founded by Stephanie Linder, a Chicago native who relocated to Medellín in April of 2017.

Stephanie founded her blog titled Lost In Linderland with the goal of sharing her experiences and stories about living Medellín, Colombia.  However, as she began her blogging journey she realized just how much effort it took to become successful and how much there was left to learn.
After attending many language exchanges and in-person meetups during her first two months living in Medellín, Stephanie quickly learned the value of networking and building a community on the ground.
This is how Blogging In Medellín was born.

What a Blogging in Medellín Meetup Looks Like

The goal of the blogging meetups is to not only meet others who want to start or grow their blog but to learn and share ideas.  The first meetup was held in June of 2017 and with 25 attendees and it has only grown from there.

Each Blogging In Medellín meetup has a specific speaker or topic.  Past topics have included SEO, vlogging, and social media.  Each meeting, every attendee introduces themselves and talks about their blog.  This allows for networking or collaboration during or after the meeting.

Meetings are held monthly at various locations such as different cafes, bars, or coworking spaces in Medellín.  Join the Blogging In Medellin Facebook group or check out the upcoming blogging events below to stay updated on future events.  All levels are welcome! Past attendee levels have ranged from very beginner (those who have not even registered a domain name) to those who make a full-time living solely through blogging.

Meet Other Bloggers Making Their Way Through Medellín

Not every blogger can be in Medellín at the same time, and this is why we have created this list of bloggers who have come to Medellín. If you are a fellow blogger or would like to reach out you can do so by following their links:

List of Bloggers who have been to Medellín

Upcoming Blogging Events

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Contact Information:

If you have questions feel free to email founder Stephanie Linder at

 Blogging in Medellín Gallery:

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