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Felisa is a local singer-songwriter mixing hip-hop, R&B, Bolero, Cumbia and many other sounds in her enchanting Indie-pop.

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Yennifer Bravo

Yenifer Bravo is a perfectionist. She’s a co-owner of Rituales, Compañía de cafe and has immersed herself in the world of coffee both here and in Belgium.

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Cristian Raigosa

Meet your Barista – Cristian Raigosa Cristian Raigosa is one of the most passionate baristas we’ve met. His eyes light up when he talks to you about beans, washes, and methods. His cafe, Rituales, is always bustling with people coming in to check it out and frequently with fellow baristas from all over Colombia! He …


About Oh Carola Oh Carola is a local Paisa artist with a fun, flowing and detail oriented style of illustration. Her illustrations, especially her murals, are full of elements that will have your eyes darting in all directions to the discovery of something new. Her skills in illustration, combined with her degree in psychology and …

Andres Molina - Tattoo Artist in Medellín

About Andres Molina Andres Molina or ‘Andres Flu’ is a 38-year-old Tattoo artist living in Medellín. He is the owner of Fluink, a tattoo parlor, a clean, open-spaced studio with various tattoo artists and chairs, located in the quiet streets of Laureles. I first met Andres by chance when interviewing his partner Nathalie Gomez, a …

Alejandro Montoya - Illustrator in Medellín

Art begins in your backyard. Sure, we all know about Fernando Botero, Debora Arango, Pedro Nel Goómez and other important 20th Century artists in Colombia. Maybe some of us don’t, and we can totally talk about that in the future, but there are artists walking among us and that’s what we want to share. Alejandro Montoya is …

Yeraldin Lòpez - Barista in Medellín

Meet your Barista – Yeraldin López Yeraldin Lopez sometimes dances when she makes coffee. That would be because of her love for coffee, dance, as well as her super-fun and chatty personality. She has an in-depth knowledge and deep passion for, coffee which is evident when she explains and prepares it. Yeraldin started drinking and making …

Santago betancur

Meet your barista – Santiago Betancur Santiago, or how everyone that knows him calls him “Santi,” is the sweetest, most selfless person I know. While I know that doesn’t speak for his barista skills, I like to think that this is the source of his motivation for being an amazing coffee lover and conossieur. He …

Daniel Herrera

 Meet your barista – Daniel Herrera If you’ve frequented Velvet Café in the past year, you have definitely seen Daniel Herrera. He’s a life-long coffee drinker. When you meet him, he may seem serious, but give it two minutes and he’ll flash you a big toothy smile and become your friend. He said to us: …

Jonathan Garcia - Barista in Medellín

Meet your barista – Jonathan Garcia Jonathan Garcia or how his friends call him, Chamo, is a smiley barista that makes the very best lattes. (that may or may not be my biased opinion as a latte lover). You can find him at Urbania Cafe, though, making all the best drinks, served with a smile. …