Meet your Baristas in Medellín.

We already know that coffee culture is becoming a thing in Colombia. Cafes in Medellin and other cities all over the country are blooming and thriving.

However, there’s more to it than coffee finally getting a spotlight in a Coffee Country like Colombia. Behind the beans, the experience, and all the elements that add to an amazing cup of coffee is a barista trained to prepare it for you.

Medellin has a community of baristas that train, prepare, and truly love the craft of making coffee. But…we tend to give the art the spotlight, instead of the artists.

Do you know your barista?

We’re starting to get to know the people who know Colombian coffee best. Here are the Baristas in Medellin that make the best coffee in the city. Stop by your local coffee shop and get to know them!

Know one that isn’t on the list? Send them this form so we can add them!

Yennifer Bravo
Meet Your Barista: Yenifer Bravo
Jonathan Garcia - Barista in Medellín
Meet Your Barista – Jonathan Garcia
Cristian Raigosa
Meet Your Barista: Cristian Raigosa
Daniel Herrera
Meet your barista – Daniel Herrera
Esteban Escobar - Barista in Medellín
Meet your barista – Esteban Escobar
Yeraldin Lòpez - Barista in Medellín
Meet your barista – Yeraldin López
Carlos Andres Mora Hernandez - Barista in Medellín
Meet your barista – Carlos Andrés Mora Hernandez
Santago betancur
Meet your barista – Santiago Betancur
Julie Sánchez
Meet your barista – Julie Sánchez