Meet your Barista – Cristian Raigosa

Cristian Raigosa is one of the most passionate baristas we’ve met. His eyes light up when he talks to you about beans, washes, and methods. His cafe, Rituales, is always bustling with people coming in to check it out and frequently with fellow baristas from all over Colombia! He is easy to like, with a great smile, diligent service and impeccable dedication to what he does.

He got into coffee at age 17, when he started studying at SENA. He says that coffee wasn’t a life choice, rather it was coffee that chose him. He started studying to be a barista and within two weeks realized that it was his purpose.

He never said he wanted to be a barista, but he ended up studying it and it changed his life.  His mentor, Andres Ruiz, a professor at SENA led him to find his place in the world of coffee.

Since then, he’s competed nationally and won the 3rd place in the SENA national filtered coffee competition. How talented is this guy?

He prefers a single-origin coffee over a blend, and you can find him at his coffee shop with many barista friends brewing up some amazing cafe.

Stop by Rituales and say hello, ask him to serve you up a cup of his favorite coffee!

Full Name: Cristian Raigosa
Age: 23
Place of Birth: Medellin
Date of Birth: December 27, 1993
Works at/ co-owns: Rituales Compañía de Café
Favourite Cafe in Medellín: La Cafeteca in Bello
Favourite Coffee Brand, Finca: Intelligentsia Coffee, Finca Chelín, Mexico
Favourite Coffee to Make: V-60
Favourite Coffee to Drink: V-60, because it’s more complex in flavor
Favourite place to pass time in Medellín: I love to go out to eat in Laureles
Favourite place outside of Medellín: Caldas, where my parents live.
Favourite Paisa Slang: Hágale Pues, Papá

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See Cristian Raigosa in action:

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