Private Spanish Tutor – Alejandra Cuarán

Private Spanish Tutor – Alejandra Cuarán

I am Alejandra, I was born in Bogotá, and 5 years ago I moved to Medellín. After doing my 7 years of studies in France and 2 years of travel as backpacker around the world, I decided to be back in Colombia and develop my projects and become a Spanish tutor to teach people from all over the world. 

I have 5 years of experience teaching languages and intercultural studies at University. From all professional options I could choose, I have made a conscious life choice to work in Medellīn and develop an educational project in the town of Jardín.

I have organized a Spanish Immersion program in the town of Jardin, an absolute paradise, the long-term goal of this project is the development of an intercultural center specialized on the coffee culture and nature. For now, we are starting with immersive tours every second weekend to Jardin.

With my experience of learning English, French and Portuguese,  I want to share with my students my knowledge through a creative and language learning program. I also organize cultural activities around Medellin.

I love nature, coffee, cheese, and salsa.


The methodology is mainly focused on practiced-learning. Following the structured program proposed on the Common European Framework of Reference for levels from A1 to C2.

  1. Communicative approach.  Constant work in all the 4 linguistic areas (oral, speaking, listening, reading and writing). The program will be focused on learning through action and real practice. In this part, an emphasis is put on pronunciation.
  2. Focus on the most useful grammar points that you need to communicate. The explanations are done in a very clear and short way, for grammar practice the work is done by online activities.
  3. All the activities will be focused on real-life situations as valuable learning tools in which you will always play an active role.
  4. Cultural reference. The work on learning the language as well important facts about Colombian culture and history. For this part. I organize some classes in different and interesting places of Medellin.
  5. Practice. To give you confidence while you are speaking. Work on self-confidence and practice in real-life situations.

Every session is adequate to the interest and rhythm of every student using different dynamic tools that will keep them motivated.

Class Locations:

Usually, have classes in Naturalia o Salud Pan.

The classes are held in Laureles, Poblado, Estadio and Belén areas in flexible hours. Classes can also be taken in my flat, as is quiet and comfortable.

Online Classes:

I also propose online classes via Skype. For this type of classes, payment can be done by Paypal.

DELE Exam Preparation

The DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera), is a Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language, an exam that official certificates the degree of fluency in Spanish.

This is a very useful exam on the international field for those who want to prove their level for working or studies purposes. It is recommended to take at least 30 intensive hours classes to present this exam.

In Medellin the DELE exam is presented at EAFIT University, anybody interested in applying can do it, and I can help you prepare.

Next dates for presenting the exam: 
For more information about the dates of the exam

Spanish Immersion tours to Jardín & Medellín

Appart of the classes in Medellin, I propose a Total Immersion Program in Jardin, one of the most beautiful towns of Antioquia. The immersion is done every 2 weeks per month (from Friday to Sunday) for 3 days. This is an option to go out of the city, have an adventurous experience while practicing Spanish and be surrounded by nature, colors, and beauty.

If you choose to do this tour you will be able to get to know the real Colombian coffee culture, in a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful Colombian town.

With this project, different activities are proposed outdoors and are created from my own personal and professional experience. You will have an immersion in Colombian culture and practice of Spanish. During the immersion, you will taste the best, aromatic and delicious coffee of the region. The immersion is done by groups of maximum 5 people.

Price for 3 days: 490.000 pesos  (170USD) (prices can vary slightly depending on groups & activities) – details are shown in event description below.

Upcoming Jardín Immersion Tours:

23feballday25alldayJardín Immersion Tour(All Day) Type:LanguageCost:PaidDay:Friday

02marallday04alldayJardín Immersion Tour(All Day) Type:LanguageCost:PaidDay:Friday

09marallday11alldayJardín Immersion Tour(All Day) Type:LanguageCost:PaidDay:Friday

16marallday18alldayJardín Immersion Tour(All Day) Type:LanguageCost:PaidDay:Friday

23marallday25alldayJardín Immersion Tour(All Day) Type:LanguageCost:PaidDay:Friday

30marallday01apralldayJardín Immersion Tour(All Day) Type:LanguageCost:PaidDay:Friday


Teaches: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Business
Level of English: Advanced
Works in: Laureles, Estadio & Floresta
Rates: 38.000 COP/hour (minimum of 1.5 hours)

It is important that you choose the right Spanish tutor. You are welcome to try a free class of 30 minutes to see my teaching style.


Monday to Thursday from 7:30am – 7:30pm
2 weeks of the month from Monday to Sunday 7:30am to 6:00pm (as I will be in Jardín as part of the immersive language tours)

Contact Information:

Number: 320 848 8198
WhatsApp: +34603113639
Facebook: Facebook

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